Benefits of buying made in Nigeria Rice

It’s no news that Nigerians assume the quality of made-in-Nigeria rice is less compared to that of foreign rice. The irony of it is that buying made-in-Nigeria rice has more benefits in comparison to foreign rice.


Here are 5 benefits of buying made in Nigeria rice;


- Buying rice made in Nigeria will increase the rate of employment in the country, as the demand for labor will increase due to the increase in the demand for the product. The business will become more lucrative, as more people, including the youth, will find agriculture a lucrative business to venture into.


- Buying locally produced rice will add value to the economy. It can be observed that prosperous economies of the world boost their SMEs to solidify their economy. Nigeria must also tow that line if we are to take our place among the world's greatest economies


- Buying made-in-Nigeria rice will help in strengthening the foreign exchange rate and conserve our foreign reserves. These will help reduce the rate of inflation and cost of living.


- Research shows that made-in-Nigeria rice is more nutritious compared to foreign rice as there are no preservatives.


- For every made in Nigeria rice you buy, you're empowering a local farmer out there. Let us join hands and encourage our farmers to do more


RiceAfrika Premium Parboiled rice is a leading Nigerian rice brand. Production is done locally through the finest of processes. From the packaging, it is obvious quality is prioritised. Our rice is completely stone-free and clean. When you buy our 50kg rice, it comes with a rice-ID which you can use to trace where the rice was planted. This way, you are certain you're buying made-in-Nigeria rice, not some foreign rice being rebagged.


What's your opinion about buying made-in-Nigeria rice, tell us in the comment section.


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