IGODOMIGODO: The Historical Benin Dynasty


Igodomido: The Historical Benin Dynasty


The historical first name of the now Benin Kingdom is Igodomigodo.


From the history of Edo state, Igodo the first Ogiso (meaning King) named the Kingdom Igodomigodo.


The Igodomigodo Kingdom existed from 1180 to 1897, during this time Kings were referred to as Ogiso. It was after this era the Oba era came to place, the Oba era was introduced by Eweka I son of Oranmiyan. Eweka I, was the first Oba of Benin after the era of Ogiso. It was during his reign the Igodomido Kingdom was changed to Benin Kingdom.


Both the former Igodomigodo Kingdom and the present Benin Kingdom have no relation with the current Republic of Benin.


Eweka I, the child of Oranmiyan whose grandfather is Oduduwa renamed Igodomigodo Kingdom and it’s people are called Ovi-Edo (Children of Edo).


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