Introducing Buy Now “PayWithSpecta” Later

Introducing Buy Now “PayWithSpecta” Later.


Buying on credit just got easier. You can now buy our rice and pay later with Specta. We understand that people have competing needs and limited funds, which is why we introduced the ''PayWithSpecta'' plan on


The "PayWithSpecta" plan allows you to buy our rice worth up to 2 million Naira on credit and get to pay later. And you want to know the most beautiful part? It is interest-free.


At, we are particular about you and the growth of your business, hence, “PayWithSpecta”. Now, you can get a loan to build your rice business with zero interest. Isn't that fantastic?


You can also get to buy as an individual and pay later. This way, you can achieve so much with limited funds.


To get started, please visit


You can also Call/WhatsApp: 08180353315 for assistance and further clarifications.