The Giant Footprints of Ukhuse-oke

The Giant Footprints of Ukhuse-oke in Owan-West L.G.A: - The very distinct footprints of a prehistoric giant are permanently embedded on the flat granite rocks in a sacred grove between Ukhuse-oke and Ukhuse-osi in lulehe clan of Owan west local government area. Some believe the footprints were created when the world was still molten.

Owan are a Nigerian ethnic group who live in the northern part of Edo State. Owan is currently divided into two LGAs, Owan East and Owan West, and is home to numerous clans, the most notable of which are: Ihievbe, Emai people, Iuleha land, Ora, Igue, Uokha, Otuo, and others.

A large number of tourists from all over the world come here to see these magnificent relics, which presents a challenge for archaeologists and anthropologists.


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