About Us


is Africa's first rice ONLY platform connecting all stakeholders in the value chain towards creating
valuable interactions.

It is a technology platform that connects landowners with farmers, farmers with input developers and suppliers, farmers with buyers of paddies, paddy merchants with millers, millers with buyers of milled rice, warehouse owners, logistics service providers, packaging companies, wholesalers of milled rice, retailers of milled rice, and household and institutional consumers of milled rice.

It is the ‘Uberization’ of the entire rice value chain.

It is technology simplifying how we produce, aggregate, store, mill, buy and consume rice.

RiceAfrika.com will improve the experience by ensuring quality, convenience, and affordability.

Why RiceAfrika.com?

  • We will provide the needed data to match landowners with farmers.

  • We will provide the data to assist farmers with the right inputs and supplies for improved production.

  • We will also match farmers/merchants with a credible and guaranteed offtake of their produce in an un-exploitative manner

  • We will match rice mills with paddies and also provide paddy owners with information on rice mills, effortlessly.

  • We will provide buyers of milled rice with credible, transparent and affordable sources of supply.

  • We will match truck owners with cargo and provide cargo owners with credible trucks to fulfill their logistics needs.

  • We will match packaging materials producers with millers and vice versa.

  • Household and institutional consumers of milled rice will be provided with credible, transparent and affordable means of supply.

Problems we are solving

  • Low Productivity

  • Opaque pricing

  • Exploitation

  • Hoarding

  • Poor Quality

Problems we are solving

  • Over-utilization of Rice Mills

  • Under-utilization of Rice Mills

  • Delay in Processing

  • Inconsistent Supply

  • Lack of accurate data