What is RiceAfrika?

Answer: RiceAfrika is a tech platform that brings together all stakeholders in the rice value chain for valuable interactions.

Why is RiceAfrika in Business?

Answer: RiceAfrika is in business to use technology for the improvement, advancement, and empowerment of the African rice farmer.

How does RiceAfrika improve the African rice farmer?

Answer: RiceAfrika provides the African rice farmer with modern farm extension services, linkages with credible manufacturers of inputs, and importantly access to an organized market.

What does it take to access the services of RiceAfrika?

Answer: Log on to www.riceafrika.com and create an account

How do I buy or sell rice on RiceAfrika?

Answer: log on www.riceafrika.com and click on buy/sell rice.

Why do I need a RiceAfrika mobile app?

Answer: The RiceAfrika mobile app is needed for buyers of a small quantity of rice, and also for using our RiceID system.

What is RiceID?

Answer: The RiceID is a unique crop identification and management system developed by RiceAfrika to ensure traceability and food security in Africa.

Why is RiceID important?

Answer: The RiceID is important in the sense that it ensures that a consumer of rice traces the source of the rice (the farm, farmers profile, milling company, etc), as well as ensuring that locally produced and processed rice is not refilled and sold as imported/foreign brands.


Is buying rice via the RiceAfrika mobile secured?

Answer: Yes, all payments and transactions on RiceAfrika mobile app are secured. RiceAfrika uses top tier security protection.

How do I contact RiceAfrika for more details?

Answer: You can always call/text our customer support line +234-0818-035-3315, and/or follow us on social media @riceafrika via Twitter, Facebook, and @riceafrika_ on Instagram