How Mechanized Harvesting Is Attracting Youth Into Rice Farming

Diogenes says the foundation of every state is the education of its youth
It’s no news that getting the youths involved in agriculture would take a lot of innovation, involving interesting and fun aspects.  
Agriculture is a vital aspect of every state and the involvement of the youth determines how prosperous the economy of the state will be. The youth need to be educated on the importance of getting involved in Agriculture.
RiceAfrika Harvester Hiring Service is a youth-centric type of business and one that aligns with what the youth look forward to in agriculture.
Most rice farmers in Africa use manual labor to harvest their farms (over 92% of rice farmers in Nigeria harvest manually). This is making rice farming less attractive because it is time-consuming, tedious, and stressful. The youth of this generation are minimalists and would appreciate a job that reduces the amount of time spent on it.’s Harvester Hiring Service is a program that is aimed at attracting more youths into rice farming in particular and agriculture in general, thereby reducing unemployment in rural rice communities in Africa.
The program involves the following components all geared towards improving youth employment and empowerment in Africa;
• Training the youth on how to operate modern eco-friendly Combine Harvesters fitted with tracking devices.
• Training the youth on how to repair the modern eco-friendly Combine Harvesters.
• Training the youth on agency banking services, and providing them with POS devices, to set up in rice farming communities.
Another feature that will add to this attraction is the fact that all farmers registered for RiceAfrika Harvester Hiring Services have bank accounts opened for them, and are encouraged to transact cashless while paying for services or selling their paddies. is passionate about using technology to improve rice production in Africa, and we truly believe that technology attracts youth to agriculture.
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