What is the FarmEASY Operating System

The FarmEASY Operating System (OS) is a complete tool developed for the improvement of the productivity of smallholder farmers in Africa. The FarmEASY OS consist of:

  • An Optimization Manual: A step-by-step guide on how to improve the productivity of smallholder farmers in Africa in climate smart way.
  • An Optimization Software: This is a dashboard and a Mobile App that enables the successful management of the smallholder farmer.
  • The GPS: An IoT-enabled agriculture equipment tracking system, tailor-made for Africa. This system enables agriculture equipment owners to remotely manage their machines even in areas with zero cellular or internet connectivity.

The underproductivity of smallholder farmers (who produce over 80% of the food in Africa) is largely responsible for Africa’s food insecurity. The FarmEASY OS was developed as a solution.

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