Ikogosi warm spring is located in the homely and serene town of Ikogosi, a town in Ekiti State, southwestern Nigeria, it is one of the tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Ikogosi Warm Spring has a mystery to it, it has both warm and cold springs flowing side by side. The warm spring has a temperature of up to 70oC at the source and 37oC after meeting the cold spring. The meeting point of the warm and cold springs is a unique attraction to tourists as each maintains its thermal properties.

There are several myths surrounding the origin of the Warm Spring and these stories have been passed down generations for centuries. One of such myths is the story of a great hunter, the myth says that the warm and cold springs were the two wives of the great hunter. One of his wives was said to be hot tempered while the other was a gentle and quiet woman. One day, the two wives fought and after being rebuked by their husband, the hot-tempered wife changed to the warm spring while the gentle and quiet one became the cold spring.

The Ekiti State Government built a modern conference centre and guest chalets around the spring to encourage tourism. Studies show that both the warm and cold spring water are safe for drinking.

This stream is the major source of the cooking and drinking water needs of inhabitants of Ikogosi-Ekiti town

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